Greek islands style: Is it Right for you?

Since you ’ve been back from your summer vacation in the greek islands, suntanned and enchanted by the beautiful scenery and architecture, you ’ve been thinking about the local decor style and whether you could incorporate some of its elements in your home.


OK, most likely that trip hasn ’t  even happened yet, but you can ’t take your eyes off your screen when you look at pictures of those little white houses with the stunning seaview, cute small yards and calm, minimal interiors on Pinterest and travel guides about Greece. You think “how amazing it would be if I could live in a house like this?”. You pictured yourself feeling relaxed and enjoying its simplicity and airy character.


Maybe you are about to decorate a summer home. Or maybe you want something completely new for your city home and think that getting inspired by greek islands style could be a good idea. But is it really right for you? It ’s one thing seeing a certain space in a picture and think it ’s beautiful and another living in that space. Would it suit your personality and lifestyle?


So go ahead reading. To how many of the following statements you would reply with a “yes”? Count them and make up your mind. 


You love the sea and summer


Summer is your favorite season and your dream is to live by the sea. The memory of your last vacation by the sea and the anticipation of your next trip to the beach is what keeps you going. Until the dream of a summer house comes true the next best thing is to live in a space that gives you the summer vibes every day. Fresh and breezy, greek islands style will make you feel the energy of the sea even if you are far away from it. White and blue hues, seashells, pebbles and sea artwork will give you a sense of coastal living and extend the summer season for you through all year.


You are drawn by light

You prefer white and lighter colors. Dark interiors, deep tones, heavy decoration and rich fabrics suffocate you. You want the light and air to circulate freely in your house.


You need a relaxing space that helps you unwind

Your everyday life is hectic, with long working hours and what you need from your home is to help you clear your mind, give you peace and recharge your batteries for your highly demanding way of living. Greek islands style can do this for your home. Relaxing colors, uncluttered space, organic materials will create a serene place where you can rest and reenergize and get that sense of extended summer holidays.



You want to declutter

You are in a phase of your life where you want to keep it simple. You want to get read of all the clutter, the many objects, the overdecorating and just live with the essential. You don ’t want to have too much stuff to clean and maintain. You need space and purity so that you keep your mind clear and avoid feeling overwhelmed. You want the light, the air and the energy to circulate freely in your home. Greek islands style can do that for you. 



You are on a tight budget

You don ’t want to spend much on decorating still you want your home to have a distinctive character. Choosing to decorate the greek islands way is a clever move. This style is about simplicity, practicality and inexpensive materials. Simple lines, second hand furniture, diy projects, nature finds will complete the look without breaking the bank. If you are a diyer this is your chance to thrive. Even if you are a beginner one as imperfection is key element of this style.



You have a laid back personality

You like to live simply and detest formalities. Silver candlesticks and crystal glasses? Not for you. You prefer rough unfinished surfaces over shiny ones and casual dinner parties with friends instead of planned ahead ones. Big cushions on the floor sound to you a far more exciting sitting option than a sophisticated sofa.  You just want to feel good in your own skin and enjoy your home, without worrying too much about perfection. You like things to be practical and cozy.



You are bold and creative

You like to do things your way and don ’t go for the cookie cutter solutions everyone else follows. You are a bohemian spirit who likes to travel and are open to other cultures and civilizations. You skip the mainstream and bring elements of those cultures in your everyday life. Maybe you got familiar with greek islands style while spending your summer vacation in Greece and would like to bring it home. You like that touch of culture that comes from far away, the sense of freedom and connection to nature.


You care about green living

You despise synthetic materials and want to be surrounded by natural ones for the calm and energy they offer but also the fact that they are not harmful for you and the environment. Stone, wood, sisal are a few of your choices to reproduce a greek style decor and enjoy the sense of well being and connection to nature these materials offer.  





You want a style that is adaptable

You like greek islands style for your home but you worry that if you decide to go for it your home will look too traditional / rustic. 

On the other hand you already have some pieces of furniture, artwork or decor in your possession and you doubt that you ’ll be able to blend them in. A crystal chandelier or a Le Corbusier chair? Will they find a place?  

No worries, a greek style room can be very versatile. You can push it towards the direction you ’d like and make it look as rustic, modern, classic as you want, interpret it in your own way and achieve a much more interesting mix with the pieces you already own. It ’s been done before with great success and there are tones of ideas to steal. The result will be eclectic and unique, absolutely reflecting your personality.

So what do you think, will you dare? If yes, stay with me, you ’ll find tones of inspiration in this blog.