Hello and welcome to my blog!


If you landed here in search of a little sunshine and sense of summer you are in the right place. And if on top of that you fancy a bit of home decor, diy and design, make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee (or whatever suits you best), because there’s plenty to see.

I am Tina and I live by the sea, just outside Athens, Greece, with my husband and our two sons. I am addicted to home decor, passionate about jewelry making and an eternal fan of all the talented people out there that design and make beautiful things.

I started A Few Pretty Things back in 2007 as a way to promote a jewelry etsy shop I owned at the time. In fact my very first post was about Etsy which was a new thing back then. Talking only about what I was making proved to be booooring (big yawn) very soon so I started sharing all the creative things that caught my attention.


I took a long, very long break but something was stopping me from clicking “delete”. I knew I would be back some day.


A few years ago we moved from the city to a seaside outskirt of Athens, close to a beautiful beach. My life by the sea gave me the inspiration to start blogging again with the same love for design and pretty things but also with a new perspective.


By showcasing greek island homes and getting you to meet greek designers I hope to inspire you to bring some greek summer vibes into your home. I will also try to give you some creative motivation with diy projects that will add to your space a feel of coastal living (I like easy and quick). I will share my attempts to make my house as cosy and stylish as I can with a very tight budget. And although I stopped following fashion trends closely years ago I never say no to a well designed, stylish, timeless outfit so you may see a bit of that too. Most of all I would love to connect with like minded women so don’t hesitate to drop me a few lines.